Knowledge Management Services


Knowledge Management employs improved strategies and processes, to better create, share, and retain knowledge across organizations no matter the size.


Our teams provide customers with the key elements of Knowledge Management, communication and collaboration technologies that are web based for internet and intranet usage, as well as mobile technologies such as PDA’s, PC’s, telephone and videoconferencing. 

How Can We Help?

Each and every employee holds a vast amount of knowledge held in their brain.  What were the successes of my last project?  What could we have done better?  What lessons have I learned while on this job?

With so much knowledge out there in the heads of your employees, the question becomes, how do I capture it?  How do we avoid mistakes we have already made?  How do we build off of our success?  Momentum Solutions can help!


LEssons Learned Database

We can help you gather all the information in one easy to navigate site.

Business Process Improvement

Any tool is only as good as how well the person knows how to use it!


Create consistent lingo across the entire organization.

Content Management

Make the latest and greatest available to your employees.